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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Peruvian Women

You won't find women that are warmer or more romantic than Peruvian women. Beautiful women of economically privileged countries such as the U.S. are often times spoiled and unappreciative. A young, attractive American female who also has the merits for being a loving partner and wife has a line of eligible men to pick from because she is so rare, and she knows it. Let's face it – if she is beautiful on the outside, she often times is rather shallow, with confused priorities on the inside. If she is great on the inside and outside, she's almost untouchable or is already taken due to the law of supply and demand. After your great time investment and money investment on dates, this belated harsh realization arrives for another disappointing attempt at the game of love – sound familiar? Read on. The Peruvian culture teaches young girls to dedicate themselves fully to their families. Unlike many American, Canadian, or Western European women, Peruvian women do not calculate a person's worth based on material wealth, but on one's character, dedication, responsibility, and sincerity.
Do your looks matter? Of coarse – Peruvian girls have natural instincts and eyes just like girls of any other country, but the importance of looks on their list of priorities falls in a lower place, compared to that priority list of American and Western European girls - This is where your great opportunity lies in finding the caliber of woman that would be unattainable for you in the U.S.! Upon departing from your visit at our agency, we are sure you will agree that the girl from our agency that you choose to build a relationship with be of a caliber, both inside and out, that you could never attract in the U.S. or Western Europe. You may ask, "¿why would a Peruvian woman want an American man?".The Latin culture teaches men that infidelity is a normal part of manhood, and that it is an unwritten right among men to have an affair. One of the most important gifts you can offer a Peruvian woman is your fidelity - something that is not so common in her country. Secondly, Peruvian women, like most women, are concerned with the welfare of their current or future children. The economic stability that an American man can provide is but a dream in Peru , where the median income, including all ranges of occupations, is less than 15% of the minimum wage in the U.S. You will find that most Peruvian women value the devotion and economic stability that you can provide over and above your looks or your age. Interestingly, most Peruvian girls under the age of 30 prefer a man between the ages of 30 and 40, because few men in their country under the age of 30 are at the level of financial stability and maturity to afford a home or to value the rewards of fidelity. Peruvian women in their 30's often marry men in their 50's and 60's, so don't think that you are too old to attract a younger woman.
Perhaps you believe that a younger woman is not mature enough for a meaningful relationship. Don't make the mistake of believing that a Peruvian girl is as immature as her American/European counterparts. The majority of girls in our agency have been working since their mid-teens, not for the purpose of buying the latest fashions, but to contribute to their immediate family's total income. As a result, you will find that the majority of girls in Peru are very responsible for their age. With responsibility comes maturity. You will be pleasantly surprised at the Peruvian woman's level of thoughtfulness, regardless of her age.
Please review the information contained herein to find out why a Peruvian girl from Latin Peruvian Singles will fulfill your longing for uncomplicated love, companionship, marriage and lifelong friendship.

Why visit Peru and not another Latin Country?

Aside from the fact that Peruvians are genuinely nice people, they are also very knowledgeable of the American life. In Lima, you will find American music on the radio, in the restaurants, and in the night spots. There are even a few rock clubs that have live bands on a nightly basis.

American dollars are commonly accepted at restaurants, and are exchangeable for local currency on the busy streets within the Miraflores park district. ATM machines actually dispense both dollars and Peruvian soles, with a typical transaction maximum of US$400, in comparison to a maximum of just over $100 in some Latin countries.

In Peru, Americans are looked up to as being successful and strong. In contrast, one can go just a border away to Colombia and other Latin countries where Americans are treated with suspicion, US dollars are impossible to exchange at a bank, and one can listen to nothing but Latino and regional music.

You can freely travel by plane, bus, or car in Peru without fear of kidnapping or confrontation with terrorist guerrillas. This is impossible in a country such as Colombia, where even their own people are in fear of traveling to the countryside, or Brazil, where the people are in fear of their own police. In Colombia, kidnapping is the second largest contributor to the GNP – this is something that the Colombian introductions agencies will not advertise to you. But don’t just take our word for it – do a search on the internet for “Colombia and kidnapping”, and you will learn the truth behind this very advanced network, where over 3,000 people per year are kidnapped. You would most likely not have any dangerous encounters on your first few visits, but do you really want to be tied to visiting a country for the rest of your life where, in Colombia for example, a forty-year guerrilla ware has existed with no clear end in sight? Your future wife will surely want to see her family on holidays for the rest of her life, and you will be traveling beside her. The majority of people in countries such as Colombia are wonderfully warm and sincerely good people, and less than 3% are involved in the organized criminal activity, but 3% means about 1 in 30 people you pass in the street is your enemy who sees you as dollar signs or feels hate when they look at you. Compare this to the statistics of Peru, where kidnappings are few and far between. Again, please study the background of the country of your future mate before you visit and fall in love. The internet is a great resource for fairly unbiased information.

Although Peru has had it’s share of political unrest and related problems, the major problems of the 80’s and early 90’s are a part of the past, and, apart from isolated incidences, have ceased since the past decade. We know that discussion of these matters is not typical for a business such as ours that is interested in gaining your membership, but we feel these unpleasant but real subjects are actually a selling point for us, considering Peru is one of, if not the safest country in Latin America. It is even now safer than the U.S.’s neighbor, Mexico. We want to inform you of these realities because your security is a very important part of finding your Latin mate.